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Postponed Raila swearing in will not derail reforms.

Raila Odinga was to be sworn in tomorrow as the People's President of Kenya. To his supporters, Raila is the center of gravity of kenya...


why raila is the glue that holds kenya together

kenya is at crossroads. We could choose uhuruto to spur their second
term. this route will take us nowhere. Uhuruto have balkanised this
country. They have made a complete mockery of the kenyan nation state.
Uhuruto want this country to be ruled only by two tribes. excluding 40
plus tribes in the aspect of the presidency will not bode well for
kenyas stability.when the cheque of the this two tribe affair expires,
kenya could plunge itself into anarchy. Perhaps, kenya could never
recover from this. it is why raila odinga is the best hope for kenya.
his agenda must spread to all and sundry

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